The Healing Room - Healing Begins with Self Love, Isn't It Time?

Classes & Workshops

Lines, Circles and Spirals $150.00
Good/bad? Right/wrong? Here/there? Sick/healthy? Is your world full of duality? Are you aware that these dualities are harmful to your well-being? This is a world of "either/or" only if you want it to be! Learn the three traditions and the six steps of healing. Tired of expensive, uncaring, "treat the symptom" medicine? Replace drugstore potions with gentle, effective herbal remedies. A herbal medicine chest with herbal remedies, ointments, and other goodies is included! Explore the world of the Sacred Spiral and how you can reclaim your life/self/wholeness.

Weed Walks $50.00
Come outside with me and meet the medicinal and herbal weeds! Learn to identify, harvest and create your own medicines.

Yard Assessments $75.00 - $150.00 per person
(depending on size of your yard)
I will come to your home and identify the healing herbal allies in your own yard. We will start the day with a personal health consultation and spend our time identifying, harvesting and creating medicines specifically for your health issues. What you need grows near!

MoonLodge (Women Only) $20

*limited scholarships/work exchange available
Native American/African MoonLodge Gatherings are open to women of all ages.(bring your daughter!) we will sit in circle sing, Drum, connect with sacred energy, Pour Money/affirm our prosperity, dance, pass the talking stick, share Ancient women's mysteries, debunk the Bleeding myth's and Honor women's wisdom...and of course eat! We ask that you not come unless you can stay the entire time...we finish when we're done & not one moment before....arrive on time...there's a raffle!
**call for dates, time & location. limited overnight accommodations available.

Breaking Bread (For Men & Women) $10

Sema Yote' (let's talk it all out) for men & women of color  $10

A safe, sacred sharing circle. Please, if you are able - come out and speak to others from the many peoples of Afrika moving in world rhythms at Breaking Bread/Sema Yote' .  This space is here for us to converse with each other - Sema Yote' - talk it all out.  We have lots to talk about - don't we always?
We sit, we share a meal, we look at, and introduce each other - find out what each other is about (that day at least). Maybe even make a little(or a lot!) music...bring an instrument, any instrument...your voice will do just fine. Time to reflect on and dialogue about everything and our place in it - or simply the everyday-ness of us. Breaking Bread/Sema Yote'  is becoming a pot luck. How fast it becomes a pot luck depends.Breaking Bread/Sema Yote' has good food. (Our chef is Fantastic!) We would be blessed with your presence.  And if it doesn't work this time - we'll be here next month too - "make it eeee-zee on yourself"
*sema yote' & braking bread is the same event held on different days. it is important that people of color & culture have special time set aside to discuss those issues which specifically impact our community...thank you for your understanding.

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