The Healing Room - Healing Begins with Self Love, Isn't It Time?

" DancingLion's SuperNova TRX-Kettlebell Class Is FIRE!
-Dionne T.

"Good Morning Dr. DancingLion, I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Detox patches last night and oh my God it worked so well! I tell you I feel so healthy, whole and full of energy I just wanted to give thanks. Please book me in for another Detox & Message for next week.  I'm really loving it, I feel so good.  I would like to come in for it every 2 weeks.  Also, I will get my husband to come in with me so we can do it together.  Be blessed, have a great day.  I'm really excited.  The energy level that I have this morning is AMAZING.  I'm just thrilled!"
-Diane R.

"Dr. DancingLion, Thank you for making me feel so special and important.  Your treatment of my well being makes me realize that I need to take more time for me."

"Two weeks ago I had a wonderful experience with D.L.'s foot Detox Program.  I had been feeling sluggish and suffering from joint pain.  The Detox indicated that I did indeed have toxins in my liver and joints.  After my session, I felt renewed, energized and strengthened.  I'm know back for more-The "Ultra Detox Program.  Thanks D.L. for helping me jump start my journey to a healthier me.!"

"I was treated with great kindness and respect and I loved the message and advice given and I know I will get better."

"Dr. D.L., Thank you for the blessing you most certainly are!  A great wondrous work is being done in you and through you.  I appreciate the fact that you allow God's Light to shine with you, through you & to us!"

"Dear Dr. DancingLion, Your work is empathetic.  It's a joy to feel your touch and know that you know.  Your studio is a sweet smelling Eden which is a soothing delight to my senses.  I am grateful to you for sharing your gift."

"Dr. D., I want to thank you for helping me get clarity in my life.  You helped me on all levels.  You are a balm."

"Dr. DancingLion, Bless you, bless you, bless you!  You make me feel good again.  I am renewed!  Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for this renewal. Again, bless you , bless you, bless you! Amen."

"My finances have been a mess for the past year. I knew prosperity was right around the corner, but something was blocking me. I contacted The Healing Room for help. After a short conversation, Dr. Ada-Belinda DancingLion recommended a course of action. I followed her instructions and the results were immediate! The money I needed is now in my bank account. The Healing Room affirms the abundance in the universe that is waiting for all of us. If anyone feels they are not living in abundance and are ready to take a step (or leap) of faith, I strongly urge you to contact The Healing Room."
-Elaine in Ohio

"I was 6 weeks pregnant, and got up one day and found myself soaked with blood. After 5 hours in the Emergency Room and a barrage of tests, the doctors told me that I was either OK or in the process of a miscarriage. They told me there was nothing else that they could do and sent me home. I called the Healing Room and Dr DancingLion came over to my house to give me a health and wellness consultation. She recommended some herbs, spoke to me about my life - where I was heading and how I really felt about myself and the new baby – within days, the bleeding stopped. Still under the supervision of Dr DancingLion, I am pleased to announce that I am 34 weeks pregnant, totally mobile, totally healthy, completely nurtured and feel better than I have in years!"
-Annette in Atlanta

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