The Healing Room - Healing Begins with Self Love, Isn't It Time?

The Healing Room is NOT a Spa!

Our space is Comfortable, Clean, Simple & Serene.

We are a space & place
offering you a wide variety of Self Loving Holistic Healing Services to assist you in achieving  a life of Balance, Beauty and Optimal Health

We Look Forward To Serving You Soon...

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Aromatherapy Massage (Neck, Back, Shoulders)
A therapeutic neck, back, and shoulders massage with deliciously scented pure natural essential oils extracted from nature’s treasure chest. These extracts are blended into a skin-loving base of olive & coconut oil … JUST FOR YOU, PRECIOUS ONE!

$75  (reg. price)
$65 (1x month member price) 
$55 (2x's month member price)
$40 (weekly member price)

Aromatherapy Massage
(Full Body Treatment w/Affirmations)
This session includes Massage of your Neck, Back, Shoulders, Face, Feet, Legs, Arms, Hands & Scalp! Soothing Aromatherapy Oils & Lotions, Therapeutic Hot Packs & Positive Affirmations!
It includes "body drumming" which eases muscle spasm and relieves tension as well as hastening the elimination of body wastes.

A perfect compliment to psychotherapy, fitness training, counseling and spiritual development


$85 (reg. price)
$75 (1x monthly)
$65 (2x's monthly member price)
$55 (weekly member price)

Herbal/Nutrition/Wellness Consultation

Wellness Assessment & Stress management Counsel, All Natural Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Aromatherapy body work unite to make this one the the most effective, self loving treatments you can gift yourself with!

This type of consultation combined with your openhearted willingness to do something different to get something different allows us to use our skills to assist you on your journey back to wellness. With common sense and expert advice, effective and gentle herbal remedies and optimum nourishment as your allies, you will soon reclaim your natural state of wholeness and holiness.
Now is the time to start!

This session includes A Health History intake, A Detailed Consultation Addressing all of your wellness concerns.

You will leave with A Complete Self Care Plan and a optional Herbal Self Care Kit

$170 (2-3hrs)

Foot Reflexology Massage
Reflexology is the Ancient practice of Massaging Certain points in the Feet (And Hands,& Ears)
 To bring about healing in the internal systems of the body.

The Foot Is Considered The "Second Heart" in Chinese and Kemetic Medicine.

You have many "Buttons" on the bottom of your feet that correspond to different organs and Functions of your body...Like a "Universal Remote" Control!

Service includes a set of Herbal Detox Foot Patches to take home and continue your healing 

Short Session 30-45min. $65
Full Session 90min. $75
Members $50

Ionic Foot Bath & Detox

Immerse your feet in warm salty water & let our "Aqua-Chi" Detox Machine do all the work. The Water will go from clear to "Sludgy" as the Metabolic Waste releases from the pores in the bottom of your feet and clump together to become visible to the naked eye.

You will go from a acid to alkaline pH. Thus vastly improving your resistance to dis-ease. Service includes a set of Herbal Detox Foot Patches to take home and continue your cleansing.

Seeing Is Believing!

Short Session 30min. $55
Full Session 75min. $75 
Member price $50

Full Body Detox Aroma-Therapy  Steam

Steam treatments are now available at The Healing Room! The thousand year-old tradition of steam bathing stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, and helps the body purge itself of impurities. The most common concern of people who have tried steam rooms or saunas are dizziness and difficulty with breathing. The steam unit or as we fondly refer to it: "The Cooker" or "The Hot Box" is used while you are seated so you can fully relax. Further, your head and neck are not covered by the canopy so you do not breath the steam. Cool compresses will be applied to your face and neck every five minutes while you are steaming. You will undoubtedly find it relaxing, refreshing, and revitalizing!

$65 (reg. price)
$50 (member price)

Spiritual Life-Path Guidance Readings
(Via Phone or Skype)
optional recording of your session mailed to you
add $15

$90 (30-40min)

We do not forecast the future, but using our gifts we can help provide answers to life's many challenging questions. a process which assists you & facilitates dealing with life’s transitions, decisions, and personal transformation… 

$120 (60-75min)

Community rate is "Set Your Own Fee"  (Pre-payment required)

Individual One-on-One Fitness Instruction

*Click HERE for

Strength Training, Heart Healthy, Fat Blasting Cardio, Rehab Functional Movement and a Whole Lot-a-Fun!

Let us show you how...

$50(1st session) Health History Intake, Intro class of basic kettlebell movements

$45 Personal Training Workout Session (45+min.) +$25 your location

$35 (per person)Bring-a-Friend Personal Training (45min) +$25 Your location

Pre-Paid Packages of 10 sessions

$400 (45min.) $40 off! 

For optimal results we recommend you commit to 2-3x's a week

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Text for a faster response,We're frequently teaching or in session

Absolutely NO SALES CALLS. Thank You.

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