The Healing Room - Healing Begins with Self Love, Isn't It Time?
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Happy Feet!

Far Infrared Bio-magnetic Foot Chi Session
Detox Herbal Blend To Drink
Ionic Foot Detox
Foot Reflexology Massage w/Positive Affirmations
Henna Temporary Beautification (optional)
Foot Detox Patches To Take Home

The Diva Deluxe!

Do This for yourself BEFORE the cheese slides off your cracker...Feel Me?

This Experience begins with a Ionic Foot Detox followed by a Full Body Aromatherapy Steam Detox then your on the Table for a Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage, Hot Herbal Packs, Foot Massage and your choice of either Foot Detox Patches to take home or a Henna Temporary Tattoo on the body part of choice! this is 2+ WELL DESERVED hours of Self Care and Nurturing you need to rebuild yourself, replenish yourself and REMIND yourself of just how precious you really are. You can get more done, go faster and further in the pursuit of your goals and dreams when your tank is full, right? Right.

The King Man

Alrighty Fellas...This One's For You!

Leaping Tall Buildings in a Single Bound...Can. Hurt. Your. Back! (ouch!)

We begin the session with a Ionic Foot Detox, Then a Steam Sauna and Tea Tree/Pine Scrub, A Deep Tissue Sports Massage W/ Herbal Hot Packs.
You are Sent Home with Foot Detox Patches.


This treatment includes Herbal Consultation, Nutrition/Wellness/Stress management Counsel PLUS Aromatherapy massage unite to make this one the the most effective, self loving treatments you can gift yourself with!

This type of consultation combined with your openhearted willingness to DO something different to GET something different allows me to use my skills to assist you on your journey back to wellness.

With common sense and expert advice, effective and gentle herbal remedies (which are available separately) and optimum nourishment as your allies, you will soon reclaim your natural state of wholeness and holiness.

Now is the time to start!

Massage & Cupping

Full Body Massage plus Negative Pressure Cupping Massage. Detoxifying and Relaxing!

Magical Mists

This session includes: immune system nourishing herbal beverage, Aroma Steam Full Body Detox and concludes with either a Neck Back & Shoulders Massage OR a Full Body Moisturizing Herbal Oil Scrub...You Choose!

The herbs and massage oil will be formulated & prepared specially for your needs...

A combination of treatments popular at spas around the world, Magical Mists is a symphony of life’s healthiest luxuries!


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