The Healing Room - Healing Begins with Self Love, Isn't It Time?
                                     Peaceful Greetings
                             Welcome To The Healing Room
The Healing Room™ exists to provide Safe, Sacred & Positive Goods & Services.
These Goods & Services promote Mental, Emotional & Physical Health & Well-being using the tools of Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition,Strength and Conditioning TRX & Kettlebell Classes, Aqua Kriya Yoga classes, Flexibility & Mobility Classes, Body Massage & Foot Reflexology, Spiritual & Secular Counseling & Natural Health Education Workshops.
These Services Provide Optimal Nourishment to your Body, Mind & Spirit.
This environment will help you identify those parts of you which are hurt, in pain, sick or needing loving kindness and empower you to heal.
The BEST TIME to treat "Dis-Ease" is BEFORE It Happens!
The Spiral Of Healing Begins With Self Love...Isn't It Time?

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